Illegal Addictive Canteen ?
What on your mind when you see “illegal” and “addictive” word ? you must be think of negative think right ?
These words mean that it’s not including in school area and there’s no other choices for the students to get snack.
What they have here is really supporting our condition in this solitary boarding school. They know what we don’t have in our own canteen. As a teenager certainly we always want to have snack whenever we want but unfortunately the school’s canteen doesn’t prepare it, so it’s a good opportunity for outsider to dig their luck here by selling snack.
Especially in Ramadhan month, most of student prefer to buy their own ta’jil than get it from school’s canteen, because canteen is focusing in dinner menu. Usually what students buy are pop ice, pempek, model, tekwan, omelet or gorengan. Surely it’s relatively cheap. But wether it’s healthy or not, students still consume it almost everyday in a week. However it depends on the student’s personality.


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