What do you think about the good technology use in the rice field ? there are many technologies to use in rice field could be moderm or simple. In this decade, many farmers change his tool for plow up their field from cow to tractor.
I want to give you explanation about using cow as natural tractor and modern tractor. Thera are many advantages using cow, such as the shit that could be use for fertiliser, cheaper, without pollutions and the food for cow is easy to found. Meanwhile, using cow as a natural tractor is slower than modern tractor. And also it needs a long time to increase the number of cows. Can you imagine what happen with you if farmers depend with cows as natural tractor? you will not eat as much as you want right ?
Now, along with the development of techonogy, human always tried to find tools to make their job easy, and faster. The example of this techology is tractor. As i said in the begining of this paragraph, new technology like tractor make the people easy, especially for farmers. Besides, the using of modern tractors help the farmers to plow up their field faster. Nevertheless, the price of modern tractor is relatively higher. It needs fuels, and could release pollutions from machines’ work.
So, you could use the moderm tractor to plow up the field. Along with that , you have to take care of your environment.


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